KUNSTSTOFFE INDUSTRIES LIMITED are leading manufacturers of large diameters HDPE/PP pipes ranging from 300mm to 3600mm internal diameters. The pipes are manufactured by using a unique spiral Winding technology. The process operates on the principle of Computer-aided-design (CAD) and computer- aided – manufacture (CAM). This enables us to design, manufacture and supply pipes to meet the specific needs of our customers.

This process is completely different from the normal extrusion process used in the manufacture of HDPE and PP pipes. In the standard process, the extrudate comes out in the shape of a pipe which is subsequently cooled and cut to the required lengths. As against this, in the spiral winding process the plasticised melt is wound on a rotating mandrel to produce a pipe.

In the spiral winding process, the pipes are not supplied off- the- shelf but are designed on the basis of operating conditions at site. Factors like soil type overground or underground application, depth of burial, traffic loads, internal pressure etc., are taken into consideration in recommending the appropriate pipe.

The pipes manufactured by us can have either a solid wall construction or a combination of both. The profile pipe incorporates a PP corrugated tube in the wall of the pipe thus tremendously increasing the ring stiffness even while reducing the weight. As compared to the standard extrusion process the saving in weight by using the spiral winding technology is around 25-30%.

There are different types of profiles and combinations of profiles and solid wall configurations available, again based on the specific operating conditions. It is possible for us to work out an optimum solution to the pipeline need of our customers.

KIL manufactures spiral wound pipes as per DIN: 16961. These standards are superior to IS: 4984 & 14333 (which covers standard extrusion pipes) since in the case of the latter the basis for pipe design and manufacturing is centered around one single parameter viz: Internal hydrostatic pressure. On the other hand, DIN considers the pipe in its totality including both external and internal pressure. A write-up showing the superiority of DIN: 16961 over IS: 4984 is attached.

Our Performance and capacities are assessed by M/s. Engineers India Ltd., and M/s. RITES for our pipes. Our pipes have also been tested by reputed outside agencies which substantiate our contention regarding the suitability of profile pipe for water supply, sewerage, drainage and effluent disposal.

The company has an inbuilt QA/QC system which ensures products of the highest quality.

We have supplied, executed and completed high value orders for our clients like MIDC, HPSEB etc. which clearly confirm the suitability of our profile pipes for effluent disposal, sewerage, drainage and water supply.