Declaration of result of EVoting

Name PDF file
Submission of Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit under Regulation 55A pdf-icon
Certificate Registration 54(5) NSDL 31.12.2016 pdf-icon
Closure of Trading Window pdf-icon
Board Meeting Notice & Agenda 30.01.2017 pdf-icon
Shareholding Pattern 31-12-2016 pdf-icon
Investors Complaints pdf-icon
KIL-Declaration of Result E Voting pdf-icon
KIL-Outcome Voting AGM
KIL-Report of Scrutinizer
KIL-Scrutinizer Rep-E Voting
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Unaudited Standalone Financial Result 31.12.2016
Unaudited Result Published in newspaper
Annual Report – KUNSTSTOFFE-2011-12
Auditor Report – 2011-12
Balance Sheet & PL with notes – KUNSTSTOFFE-2011-2012
Notes to the Accounts 2011-2012
Annual Report – KUNSTSTOFFE-2010-11
Quarterly Result as on 30.9.2012
Quarterly Result as on 31.12.2012
Notice of Postal Ballot
KIL- Result of Postal Ballot
KIL- Audited Results for quarter & year ended 31-3-2013
KIL- Res. Writing down Equity Share Capital
KIL- Res. Further Issue of Shares
Record Date
KIL -Unaudited Financial Result 30.06.2013
27th Annual Report 2012-13
KIL-Unaudited Financial Results for quarter 30.09.2013
KIL-Unaudited Financial Results for quarter 31.12.2013
Kunststoffe- Audited Qterly Result As On 31.03.2014
KIL-Unaudited Results as on 30.06.2014
Annual Report for the year 2014
KIL-Unaudited Results as on 30.09.2014
KIL-Unaudited Results as on 31.12.2014
KIL- Audited Results as on 31.03.2015
KIL- Unaudited Results as on 30.06.2015
Kunststoffe Annual Report-2014-15
KIL-Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report
KIL-declaration of result of Evoting and Poll
KIL-outcome of voting of AGM
KIL-declaration of result of Evoting and Poll
Kunststoffe-Unaudited Results as on 30.09.2015
Nomination Form
Corporate Governance
Shareholding Pattern 31-12-2015
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit
Unaudited Result Q3
KIL-Corporate Governance Q4
Shareholding Pattern
Share Capital Audit 31.03.2016
KIL-Certificate under Regulation
KIL-Audited Result 31.03.2016
KIL Share Cap Audit 30.06.2016
KIL-Regulation 54(5) CDSL
KIL-Regulation 54(5) NDSL
KIL-Corp Gov 30.6.16.
KIL-Shareholding pattern quarter ended 30.06.2016
KIL-Investor Complaints 30.06.2016
B.M. Notice & Agenda for quarter ended 30/06/2016
Closure of Trading Window for quarter ended 30/06/2016
KIL B.M.Notice Adv.26.7.2016
Un-audited Financial Result for quarter ended 30/06/2016
Outcome of B.M. to be held on 4th August 2016
Annual Report 2015-16
AGM Notice pub 3.09.16
KIL – AGM Regulation 30 Summary
KIL – AGM Regulation 34 Annual Report
KIL – Report of Result of e-voting and poll & Out come of AGM
Corporate Goverence for the quarter ended 30/09/2016
Compliance Certificate for the quarter ended 30/09/2016
Board Meeting Notice & Agenda
Trading Window Closure
Board Meeting Notice
Investor Complaints Regulation 13(3)
Share holding pattern for quarter ended 30/09/2016
Standalone Unaudited Financial Statement for the Quarter and half year ended 30th September, 2016
Submission of Certificate under Regulation 40(9)
Submission of Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit under Regulation 55A
Submission of Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit under Regulation 55A


Name PDF file
Corporate Governance pdf-icon
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy pdf-icon
Contact Details_Reg.30(5)
Nomination & Remuneration Policy
Policy on Determination & Disclosure of Mteriality of Events & Information & Web Archival Policy
Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions & On Dealing with Related Party Transactions
Policy on Preservation of Documents
Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
Whistle Blower Policy